What Americans Should Know About The Restaurant Industry

The business of choice of so many people I know is a food establishment. No, not to sell like a grocery, but to prepare food and serve like a café, a diner, or a restaurant. And so many of them think that it’s easy work with only a simple process to follow – acquire a desirable space, have it renovated, buy good equipment, hire the right people, and look for suppliers. Easy, right? No. Like in every business endeavor, there is always a lot more detail involved than meets the eye. Let’s look at some of these.

Image source: godtoday.com
Image source: godtoday.com

Good equipment is paramount. It should be brand new (never second hand), and durable. It doesn’t matter if the equipment costs a pretty penny, because once a restaurant has good gear, it dramatically reduces the need for staff and ingredients. For those who are unable to see things long-term, this is a good thing. Entrepreneurs are cautioned though that this is going to be capital-intensive.

Although equipment might seem like a huge expense, restaurant owners have to brace themselves for the biggest expense yet: staff salary.

In the United States, the restaurant industry is the second-largest when you consider employment.

Image source: uniformsolutionsforyou.com
Image source: uniformsolutionsforyou.com

When stocking food and drinks, the rule of thumb is that food lasts a week, while alcohol lasts a few more weeks. Always be careful not to overstock.

Increasing sales is much more important than cutting costs, simply because increasing sales leads to expansion. Cutting costs is much easier, though.

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A Cheesy Itinerary: A Tour of Wisconsin’s Cheese Destinations

Wisconsin is a haven for cheese lovers with many local dairy farmers and artisans participating in the thriving industry. There are about 60 cheese-makers producing 600 different types of cheese. The Wisconsin tourist can shop at stores for unique selections or dine at restaurants that offer cuisines overloading with the locally made specialty.

Here are some of the more famous cheese stops in Wisconsin:

Baumgartner’s Cheese Store, Monroe. This tavern sells deli cheese by pound, but guests can also order a three-dollar sandwich stuffed with their favorite cheese variety. Try its stinky limburger on rye, raw onion, and sweet mustard sandwich.

Image source: cedarvalleycheesestore.com

Fromagination, Madison. This cheese retailer also offers gourmet sandwiches and salads, all featuring its selection of cheese. Some of the bestselling cheeses are Roelli’s Dunbarton blue cheese and SarVecchio parmesan-style cheese.

Emmie Roth Cheese Factory, Monroe. The cheese factory produces around 35,000 pounds of cheese daily. It recently became America’s first 2016 World Cheese Champion because of its Grand Cru Surchoix. Other topnotch varieties are the Moody Blue and Montanella.

Image source: roadfood.com

Cedar Grove Cheese, Plain. A smaller, more old-fashioned producer of cheese, Cedar Grove is one of the most enviromentally-conscious companies, providing locally-sourced additive-free varieties such as white cheddar, farmer’s cheese, and Pepper Jack.

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Wisconsin is known to be a food haven. Known for its excellent food and beer, many food lovers from all over the country flock here to taste the many unusual restaurants around the area. One of the most popular destinations is Pizza Doctors nestled in La Cross.

The restaurant has been featured several times on the show: Outrageous Food and with good reason. The pizza buffet features different combinations that are unheard of. Ever wanted to taste pizza with M&Ms? You can here. Or maybe something less strange. Diners can have their pizza with Big Macs, Gyros, and even Mac & Cheese. These are part of their dinner buffet selections where they encourage diners to let their creativity fly.

Image Source: explorelacross.com
Image Source: explorelacross.com

But what really struck my fancy were their dessert pizzas. Now, I won’t lie. I love pizzas. To me, they are an entirely separate food group and deserve the same amount of respect as a nice grilled steak (maybe even more). It seemed odd that the naturally salty taste of pizza should be combined with decadence. To me, sugar and salt seemed an odd choice. I was extremely hesitant to try their Turtle Cheesecake pizza (I was tempted by their Peach Cobbler or the S’more Pizza) but I wanted to give Pizza Doctors a chance. After all, this is what they are known for. The restaurant is world-famous for their “exploratory surgery” dinner buffet.

Image Source: onlyinyourstate.com
Image Source: onlyinyourstate.com

I must say the initial bite is a surprise to one’s taste buds. The incredibly sweet taste of the candy mingles with the expected salty pizza crust. I wasn’t entirely sure I liked it, but as I was chewing, I noticed my fellow diners and saw how they were enjoying themselves. I admit that it takes a while to get used to but the taste does get better after a while. And if dessert pizzas aren’t your thing, then there are the traditional flavors, which definitely are delicious and appealing to anyone who loves pizza.

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